Top 10 Attractions In Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, you will find the largest theme park of an indoor variety in the whole world. This is the Ferrari Theme Park. It is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the UAE. Adventure lovers find this place extremely exciting. There are several; rides and other experiences that can really exhilarate you. Here are the top 10 attractions that you will find for the visitors here.

Formula Rossa: It is a roller coaster ride, the fastest of its kind in the whole world. It is one of the top attractions of the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi and offers the experience of the fastest race tracks in the world.

Speed of Magic: It is a 3-D movie that makes you get the feel of flying in real life. You get to see the jungle, the cliffs and the underneath of the city. The experience is heightened by real feeling of heat, moisture, motion, etc.

Viaggio in Italia: It is the experience of a simulator. You get the feel of flying over the mountains of Italy. You will be able to see the mountainous landscapes with the villages and the cities. It has the influence of the famous Mille Miglia contest.

BellâItalia: When you take up this ride, you will be able to get an experience of driving or walking past the major landmarks and points of attraction of Italy. You will also get to see the racing tracks of Italy. You will feel that you are going through the experience in real time.

Driving with Champions: This is a 3D show which allows interaction to take place. You will get the feel that you are sitting in a racing car that is being driven by a racing star. You will feel that you are driven through the tracks and the different roads near to Maranello.

V12: This is a ride in the dark.You are seated on boats and taken through 12 cylinders that give you enchanting experiences. When you book your tour through ALT Dubai, all the rides in Ferrari world Abu Dhabi are arranged for you.

Made in Maranello: Again this is a ride on the simulator. You will get the feel that you have traveled into the factory of the famous Italian automaker, Ferrari. You will see the methods of the manufacture of the world famous car models here.

The Pit Wall: This is another interactive ride that gives you the simulated feel of racing. You can get to use your reflexes in these experiences.

The Racing Legends: This is a ride that will take you through the journey of Ferrari. It starts from the inception of the company and how it has evolved into the modern day Ferrari.

Shopping and Dining Experience: Get the personalized souvenirs from this place for a treasured memory. Get the best varieties of Italian cuisines here.

The Ferrari World is truly an amazing experience. It is a not to miss destination during your visit to Abu Dhabi.

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Written by ALTDubai

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