Enjoy International Dance Festival on Your Dubai Holiday Package

You will carry back an enviable experience back home if you get a chance to enjoy the international dance festival. If during the time of your visit this festival is on, then make it a point to include it in your Dubai Package. If you do so, you will get to see more than fifty live dance shows, around forty workshops, the number of mega dance parties. Add to it international DJs will play the choicest of songs for you to enjoy to the fullest. Also enjoy the Latin concerts, visit the dance village and lots of things.

Get Ready For Fun

Dubai International Dance Festival is a much waited and loved annual event which, if coincides with your itinerary, can be an event to remember for your lifetime. Held with great pompous and grandeur, it brings the best talent forward from all over the world. Promoting dance and taking it to a higher level, people who know about it wait anxiously to pay a visit and enjoy. Full of exciting dance performances from highly acclaimed global artists, you can learn new styles of dance from various workshops. You can also get hold of some exciting dance merchandise from the dance village as well.

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History of It

Dubai International Dance Festival or DIDF started way back in 2007. Initially, it was all about salsa which is a Latin dance form which is very popular worldwide. Tasting success and seeing its immense popularity, it has now become the most comprehensive dance festival. Featuring other popular dance forms, you can now see bachata, tango, and cha-cha as well. Along with these dance forms, DIDF has also included other contemporary dance forms like Indian commercial dances, hip-hop and belly dance as well.

Different Types of Packages

Dubai Holiday Deal

When you book your Dubai Package through ALTDUBAI you will see that there are various types of offer. You can avail Dubai Diamond package for six nights and seven days. Having varied rates starting from around one thousand dollars and above for different categories of star hotels, you can book instantly through the internet or over the phone. If you are planning to stay in Dubai for a shorter period of three nights and four days you can avail their Dubai Gold package for different three, four and five star categorized hotels.Reservations, once again, is as simple as any other.

Other Packages Available

Dubai Special Package

If you are planning to stay in Dubai for even a shorter time for two nights and three days, you can avail their best service by booking the Silver package. For the same category of hotels, you get a price ranging from around five hundred dollars to a bit more than two thousand dollars. You can also enjoy the service and the magnificent beauty of Dubai even for a day. In such case, you can have a day’s package booked for you with different rates for adults and children. The only specification in such a package is that it requires a minimum of two persons to reserve a day’s package.

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