Dubai is beautiful from the ground. Period. To fully appreciate this beauty however, you need to get into the skies. That is why a helicopter ride above the city is one of the things that you should be having in your bucket list when you travel there. A helicopter tour provides you with an array of benefits that would be impossible to enjoy when you take a ground tour.


One of these is speed. Dubai is quite expansive and it would be hard to tour the entire city on the ground especially if you want to get the entire experience. That is why a chopper ride is quite a good idea. You can be able to tour the entire city in under half an hour. In addition to this, the pilot will give you a detailed description of all the places you pass over and include all the artificial islands, the land marks and other places of interest. This will give you a speedy yet intimate knowledge of the places that you may want to visit once you get on the ground.

If you want to enjoy your tour in total comfort, then a helicopter tour is not such a bad idea. This is due to the fact that there is a rich variety of choppers that you can be flown on and are all suited to provide the passengers with the highest level of comfort. The seats are made of fine and soft leather whereas the cabin has a controlled climate. Furthermore, they are sound proof and hence regardless of the noise outside, you will enjoy the ambiance within the chopper.


Another thing that makes a Helicopter Tour of Dubai such a great option is that it provides you with an unmatched panoramic view of the ground. For instance, you cannot be able to fully see the sheer beauty and architectural genius behind the palm and world islands from the ground. On air however, you get an uninterrupted picture of how they are and why they are regarded as some of the best feats of modern engineering. You can also get a view of towering skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa from an equally high point thereby allowing you to explore places you cannot from the ground. Even displays such as the performing fountains look much better from the sky.


The tour is also open to all passengers above the age of 2 years. Since most of the choppers can sit up to 6 passengers, you can bring your family with you and enjoy the tour together. However, pregnant women are permitted to take such a ride only up to the 32nd week of pregnancy. Just like any other flight, the passengers are insured in accordance with the aviation laws of the UAE. Despite these benefits, it is important to note that the pre-arranged flight paths and plans may change due to changes in weather conditions. It is also the responsibility of the passenger to get at the boarding location on time to prevent any delays.

Written by ALTDubai

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